{Wednesday, May 24, 2006 . }

Can we as human beings here on earth be perfect? What do you think?

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{Monday, May 22, 2006 . }

Yeah, I went and saw the Davinci Code.
The movie itself was not any good, not to mention the entire scene where Lee talked about Jesus not being God. The movie kept building and bulding, like something was going to happen, and nothing happened.

"All that matters is what you believe"

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{Saturday, May 06, 2006 . }

dude we are at the D-now and we just finished setting up "Bob" he is our table man. This was a completely new idea for a D-now. Last night we played a game and there were 7 actors and 9 clue sites and the kids had one hour to go around to all the different clue sites and fill out a question sheet.
It was all related to apologetics. The actors all said their lines and were not allowed to answer questions.
I was the archeologist and the most intersting thing that I talked about was that, in all of the pictures of the tomb of jesus we see 2 guards there with wooden spears and mini-skirts. But what actually happened was that there was a Roman guard unit placed at the tomb. This was a force of 16 men that were trained to protect a 6 foot square each. These guys were trained to protect against an entire battalion. They all slept in shifts as well. 4 of them would sleep for four hours, and then wake up and relieve 4 more guys. also if they did fall asleep on the job and the body was stolen they would have all been beheaded.

this was part of what I talked about and all of it so cool. the docter and the nurse, Mrs. Beckey and Angela, talked about medicle conditions that Jesus experienced, the astronamer talked about the eclipse that happened when jesus died.
It was awsome. It was a great way to get the kids pumped about this D-now.

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{Friday, April 07, 2006 . Spiritual Maturity}

Therefore let us leave elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, Hebrews 6:1a
I did not like my Sunday School class. I'm not going to say who the teacher was but it was my junior and senior year. All we did was the things I did in the 2nd grade. we had our neat little Bible story about David and the teacher would ask us now who helped David kill Goliath, God did, good job class. Then he would wonder why no one answerd questions in class. I can tell you the answers to every one of his questions without even knowing what the question is, God, Jesus, The Bible, Yes, and No. I teach Junior high boys (the class formorly known as Kdawgs class), and that is one thing that I will try to avoid at all costs. I dont want to ask questions that have the Sunday School answers. I want to challenge my class as well as myself. I want to strive for spiritual maturity.

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{Thursday, April 06, 2006 . Part Well you get the idea}

Wow Again!!!!! I am never as amaized as when someone gets saved. But when seven or eight people get saved. that just gets me overwehlmed. I love leading people to Christ. I am kind of new at standing up front in service, and the first time I got to pray with someone to recieve christ was three weeks ago, But I love it. Two brothers came up last night and we talked for a long time. They were from completely different backgrounds than me. I was always the good kid. My family was middle class 3 bed-room 2 bath house, a family pet, and 2 1/2 kids. These guys had a really rough childhood. They had both been involved in drugs and the older one had been in and out of jail. No real role models, as far as parents. They had nothing growing up, but now they have Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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{Monday, March 27, 2006 . The Power of the Holy Spirit Amaizes Me . . . Part Deux}

Two weeks ago a guy walked into S.N.A.C. (Sunday night after church), it's just a fun time to hang out with friends on a Sunday night. Anyway, the guy walks into First Baptist Tillmans Corner wearing gothic clothes, and if thats not strange enough. He has on a gas mask and he is being lead around by a leash.

I saw him as he walked in and thought to myself that this could be either really good or REALLY BAD! I went up to him and introduced myself, and others in the youth group did the same thing. I talked to him for a while before he ever said anything to me . . . because he had a gas mask on. Over the next few weeks he was up in the Attik alot. He was starting to make friends which was awesome in itself.
I found out alot of stuff about him. He is a high school drop-out, he has a bad family life, he has been in and out of jail alot, and his grandmother who he lives with is a Jehovas Witness. Pretty much he's been through alot.
He had been saying in every spiritual conversasion we had was that he was already saved, which I just knew wasn't true. There was absolutely no evidence that he had a relationship with God.

Wensday night during invatation he came down to the front and asked me to pray with him to recieve Christ. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!
He was the first person that I have ever been able to pray with for salvation. It was so amaizing.

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{Wednesday, March 08, 2006 . God is Awesome}

Tonight I was talking to a friend, and for some reason I started talking about the moutains. We were talking about the stars. I love Going to the mountains and looking at the stars. There are so many of them. Its like Black Mold. I know thats a really wierd metephor, but its what I know. Black mold whenh it grows has a center point and just spreds everywhere. It goes and extends and almost fills up the entire wall. Thats what the stars look like without the city lights. thats why I love going to the moutains. You see the stars and you think how could anyone think of that; all the way up there, and then you see things that are even more unbelivable. You go up on the top of a mountain, above the tree line, and you can see for miles. You can see North Carolina and Tennesee. You're in Georgia but you can see all the way to to a different State. You can see Rolling hills, You can see moutains, Then you realize That you are 4,000 Feet above your house.


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